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Physical Education Curriculum Overview

It is the goal of SJCS to facilitate a quality physical educational program in order to develop physical competency and cognitive understanding of healthy lifestyles for all students. The SJCS PE program provides learning experiences that meet the developmental needs of students to help improve mental alertness, academic performance, readiness to learn and enthusiasm for learning.

Health Education plays a key role in the development of a well-rounded student.  PE classes will develop students’ movement skills, fitness ability, and overall character building. Our unified PE fitness program is designed to teach students the value of working together to attain specific goals, while at the same time appreciating and promoting their individuality.

The physical education program is the component of the SJCS curriculum concerned with the teaching of skills, acquisition of knowledge, and development of attitudes through human movement. The SJCS physical education staff is committed to the standards endorsed by our state:

  • Establishing a physical education program that is developmentally appropriate
  • Maintaining a physical education program that is student centered
  • Providing students with a space that is inclusive of all students while providing a variety of movement options for learning, leisure, and life!

Daily Routine and Curriculum at a glance:

Example schedule

  • 3 minutes – students arrive in the gym and immediately form a line against the wall where they will learn about the skill/ activity for the day.
  • 5 minutes – 3 laps around the gym for warm up and stretch lines.
  • 15 minutes – students will be engaging with the activity, halfway through this time they will take a 2-minute break as needed for rest and water.
  • 2 minutes – 2 laps around the gym as a cool down and review of the day’s target goal.

SJCS is always looking for inclusive success oriented activities such as unicycle riding, dance, juggling, gymnastics, sailing, yo-yo, aerobics, cooperative games, lacrosse, bowling, rock wall climbing, racquet sports, wave boarding, scooters, jump rope, double dutch, ultimate frisbee, and rugby as well as a variety of traditional team sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track. We will be exploring these activities in order to meet the following objectives:

  • To learn comprehensive health and fitness concepts.
  • To encourage physical activity and the attainment of physical fitness.
  • To develop movement competence.
  • To foster creativity (explore possibilities available to select the action suitable for her/his purposes).
  • To practice social skills and learn how to respect others.
  • To promote self-understanding and acceptance.
  • To increase each student’s library of lifetime skills by providing developmentally appropriate activities.
  • To emphasize safety practices.  

Dress Code

Students are expected to wear running shoes, socks, and clothing that is comfortable for physical activity. Boots, slip-ons, and flip-flops are not appropriate footwear for PE.

Gan – First Grade:

With this group of students, we will place a strong emphasis on their continued development of motor skills, eye-tracking, and balancing. Students will begin learning games, thinking about rules and strategies to be enthusiastic fitness friends. The concept of good sportsmanship is modeled, reinforced, and practiced.

Second – Fifth Grade:

This group of students will become more aware of personal wellness and fitness levels. They begin to take ownership of their activities and set personal goals. Students will examine how to improve on chosen activities through technique, effort, and practice. Students begin participating in games with more complex rules and strategies. Team spirit and Derech Eretz are fostered through cooperative games and kind play.


Students will be evaluated based on motor skill progress, participation, and effort. We have adapted Seattle Public Schools Five for Life cumulative assessment which covers health and fitness concepts taught throughout grade school.