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Jewish Learning & Life

Jewish Learning & Life

We are committed to a community-based, egalitarian approach that promotes Jewish identity and practice, while remaining unconnected to a single Jewish movement. Our families have a broad range of Jewish identification and practice, and the richness of our community is enhanced by the diversity our families bring to it.

School life includes commitment to Limmud (Study), T’fillah (Prayer), Tz’dakah (Justice through Giving), Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World), and a passionate connection to Israel.

Dereh eretz, which could be translated as “the way of kindness,” is the defining value we model for children. We guide students in practicing respect in all their relationships to form lasting bonds of friendship and connection. Students extend the way of kindness in the larger world by feeding the hungry, caring for the earth and its creatures, contributing tz’dakah, welcoming guests, honoring elders, and engaging with people from other faiths and cultures.

Jewish Learning & Life

Holidays and celebrations bring our rich traditions to life!

1st and 2nd graders light the candles