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Curriculum by Grade

Curriculum by Grade

We believe the unique gifts of individuals are the basis for a positive and supportive learning community. Our belief about how students learn rests firmly on a foundation that intellectual, academic, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical aspects of children must be considered in learning environments. We accommodate a variety of learning styles through our respect for and attentiveness to each child’s strengths and challenges.

The classroom team of General and Judaic Studies teachers assesses students regularly to meet the needs of individual learners. We maintain a low student to teacher ratio and support our lead teaching staff with teaching assistants, a learning specialist, and a school counselor. We challenge each student to learn and grow to achieve his/her own potential — academically and intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Kindergarten (Gan) Curriculum Overview

The purpose of kindergarten is to enhance learning and social opportunities for students by providing an environment where the student’s natural love for life, play and learning are encouraged, nurtured and intrinsically instilled. Our kindergarten provides a quality learning environment that is meaningful for children by integrating subject matters into units of study that begin with the development of the child’s understanding of the world around him or her. We strive to create a strong sense of community while creating a caring and respectful environment.

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1st Grade Curriculum Overview

There are many milestones in 1st grade, from losing teeth to developing as independent readers. We strive to create a classroom that responds to the developmental needs of six and seven-year-olds, both supporting them where they are and pushing past current edges of the possible.

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2nd Grade Curriculum Overview

There are many milestones in 2nd grade, and creating a classroom that responds to the developmental needs of seven and eight-year-olds is the goal. 2nd graders can display longer attention spans, they are curious, and frequently ask adults and peers questions. In 2nd Grade, the emphasis is on teaching social skills to encourage positive social interaction between peers, namely, how to work in groups, how to communicate effectively, and how to help others.

General Studies Overview  Judaics and Hebrew Studies Overview  Student Development Overview

3rd Grade Curriculum Overview

Our 3rd grade classroom is an environment that nurtures a love of learning and sets solid foundations. Discovery and questioning are an integral part of the curriculum, along with appropriate vocabulary and skills acquisition. Each student will feel challenged, yet confident and responsible throughout the learning process. This means that instructional activities are designed to meet the needs of students with varying abilities and needs. Our students begin the year as dependent learners, and as developmentally appropriate, becomes independent learners during the course of the year.

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4th Grade Curriculum Overview

4th Grade is a time when children grow tremendously and push to gain more independence. They move from the concrete to more abstract thinking and start to question more. We aim to create a safety net around them to allow for experimentation, successes, and mistakes. We enable our students to make smart choices by giving them clear guidelines and expectations. Being respectful, prepared, productive, and always demonstrating best effort are major components of our classroom conduct goals.

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5th Grade Curriculum Overview

In 5th grade, we strive to develop responsible, self-directed students with a passion for learning and values that will sustain them as they grow. The curriculum is stimulating and multi-faceted, and our classroom experience encourages exploration, insight, and cooperation, as well as mastery of core skills and knowledge. Opportunities for school leadership and service are an integral part of our fifth-grade experience.

General Studies Overview  Judaics and Hebrew Overview  Student Development Overview 

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