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Words and Wishes

November 4, 2013 | Posted in Uncategorized


We are starting to practice writing words and letters daily. Handwriting skills emerge with proper instruction.   We start by practicing the capital letters.  We teach developmentally, so we teach capitals first.  We teach the capital letters as a group, separate from lowercase.  Capitals are the easiest letters to learn because of their simplicity.  When capitals are taught first, learning lower case letters is a breeze.   We just finished our Frog Jump Capitals F E D P B R N M, and  practiced writing Frog Jump Capital words.  This week we will begin the starting corner capitals H K L U V W Y and Z, and the following two weeks will be the center starting capitals  C O Q G S A I T J 022 - Copy.

In Writers Workshop we reflected on our wishes after reading Jubal’s Wish.  What is a wish?  Is it possible for some wishes to come true?   Some of the wishes  – “I wish I had a baby”, “I wish I could really have time with my family”,   “I wish that I could  have a great life”,   “I wish I could be a fairy”,  and my favorite,  ” I wish to stay at school.”   This work is displayed on our wall.  Please come in and delight at the students’ writing and reflections.020 - Copy

Thank you to Jennifer for sharing about Korea and Korean food last week. We welcome you to come into our classroom and share a part of your life, career or hobby.

We are noticing the changes of fall and noting the number of our deciduous trees with and without leaves. We survey once a week.

Enjoy the week and the beautiful changes of fall!


018 - Copy


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