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“We will learn and we will do”

October 1, 2015 | Posted in Kindergarten, SJCS

Have you ever noticed in your parenting, that when we as parents guide our children through the maze of life, we become better people? As we teach our children, so too, do we learn. And as we learn, we find ways to incorporate these new ideas, facts, nuances etc into our lives. We just “do it!”

So too, with our holidays. On Yom Kippur we turn inward and reflect upon our innermost thoughts and dreams. Our strengths and our challenges. On Sukkot we are provided the opportunity to act upon those reflections. How many of us reflected that we would like to become more generous with our time and our love? How many of us reflected that we would like to learn how to be more welcoming and practice inclusivity? How many of us reflected that we would like to take better care of our world?

On Sukkot we are ‘commanded’ to sit in the sukkah. To eat in the sukkah.  Imagine the time and attention we give to each other in the sukkah, perhaps shivering in the night chill, but to spend time without a lot of lights and no TV?  We are commanded to make a blessing over the lulav, which is often thought to symbolize not just a person, but an entire community! And we are commanded to welcome guests to our sukkah. We have a chance to reflect again on the fragility of our earth. To become one with our world and to enter this life in joy.

Through the maze of this year, let us do our best to fulfill the aspiration of Pirke Avot 4:5- “One who studies in order “to do” will be given the opportunity to study, to teach, to observe, and “to do!”