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Ways We are “Blind”

September 29, 2014 | Posted in SJCS, Third

This afternoon we were working on the next page in our Birkot Hashahar (morning blessings) booklet.  Today we were looking at the blessing thanking G-d who gives sight to the blind.  We talked about why G-d would have us all say this blessing every day if so many of us aren’t literally blind!  We discussed ways that people might be “blind” – and have trouble “seeing”.  I couldn’t wait to share some of their amazing insights:

We are blind to hungry people – we just pass them on the street without giving them even a smile!

We are blind to people with disabilities.

We are blind to people being hurt.

We are blind to people who are illiterate and can’t read something.

We are blind to a language that we cannot speak.

And as we enter this new year, one student shared that she thinks we are “blind” to appreciating all that we have.

This conversation moved me to sit down and write this blog while your children are writing in their booklets.  I told them that I would be writing my thoughts about this, too.  I continue to be humbled and moved to learn from and be present to the wonderful ways your children think about being in this world.

Shana Tovah!

Morah Amee