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Washington State Geography in fourth grade: Mountains, Rivers, and Cities, oh my!

September 12, 2014 | Posted in Fourth, SJCS

As Washington state residents, it’s important to know where things are in our state: Where is Walla Walla? How can we get to the Hoh Rainforest? And can we really take I-5 all the way to Mexico?

The fourth grade students decided to expand their geography knowledge with a life size map of their state!  Working in pairs and using creative recycled materials, students designed maps complete with natural landforms, big cities, and borders.  Special attention was given to creativity (notice the Hershey kisses for mountains!) and accuracy of both placement and spelling of places in Washington.

This project involved working cooperatively in partners, researching of geographic information, and creating a map that was both detailed and eye-catching.  Morah Beth was quite proud of the results of this two day project. The maps will be displayed in the hallway next week, so stop by and test your state geography knowledge!