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T’zdakah and Leadership

October 31, 2018

4th grade has really been enjoying the book we are reading, I Will Always Write Back.  It is a true story about pen pals from the US and Zimbabwe that build a bond over years of letters.  The book discusses the extreme poverty in which some people live. This poverty can even prevent kids from getting an education. 4th grade wanted to help make change, as this didn’t seem fair.

We did some research and found that the young boy from Zimbabwe, Martin Ganda, (co-author of our book,) grew up to be successful and also to found a non-profit to help other children like himself, Seeds of Africa.

We brainstormed how children can raise funds to support this organization, and the idea of making greeting cards came up.  Learning about these big ideas prompted us to thinking about meaningful quotes that incorporated the theme of T’zdakah which inspired us to create beautiful cards, adorned with colors and impactful quotations.

Our 4th grade students and their 1st grade buddies tackled the card creation with enthusiasm, so we now have close to 40 cards to sell at school on November 9.  Yonim students are also share their learning and fundraising experience with other classes, encouraging SJCS to continue to increase class and school-wide participation in T’zdakah projects.

Jane Shay, 4th Grade General Education Teacher