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The Morning Message

March 1, 2016 | Posted in First, SJCS

Part of our daily routine in General Studies is to have a Morning Meeting each day.  During the meeting we read the Morning Message, go over the schedule, and talk about any necessary items for the day or for the class.  Those items could be procedural, such as changes to our routine, or they could be issues that may have arisen from the students, such as difficulties at recess.  The Morning Meeting is our time to gather as a community, as well as to set the tone for the day.

The Morning Message is the anchor for the Morning Meeting and follows a predictable template each day.  Generally, the Message contains a greeting, the date, information about the day, and often a question at the end.  The predictable template allows for students unfamiliar with some of the words, to still be able to understand the information.

The questions asked at the end of the Message are one way of increasing the teaching time I have with the children and can provide information for later lessons or review previously introduced material.  For instance, when we were working with graphs in math, the Message questions gave us data to create different graphs.  Also, as we have been discussing different vowel sounds, recent Message questions have allowed for reinforcement of the sounds and their spellings.  Discovering that the smiliest smile sound could be spelled “ea,” in addition to “ee,” came about from one Morning Message; and looking for the Itty-bitty short /i/ in another Message resulted in great conversation about whether the “i” in a word was an Itty-bitty /i/ or not (short or long).

Each of the 103 school days have had a Morning Message for the children to read.  I find it a very grounded way to start our day, and although all 103 have not been photographed, here are a few recent Messages for you to see so you can get a glimpse of how your students start each day…

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