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Second Grade Class Meetings

November 12, 2015 | Posted in Second, SJCS

We have a different kind of morning meeting on Fridays, with a different focus. At  class meetings,  students give each other compliments, make decisions about how to run the classroom better, and discuss any issues that come up at recess or other times during the school day. A popular topic is conflicts on the playground. We often talk about exclusion and rules of games.

Class meetings create an opportunity for students to practice problem solving skills and elicit help from peers. The agenda book was introduced last week. Students may write in the agenda book (at designated times during the day) about any issues that they would like to discuss. Once the agenda book was introduced, a number of students took turns writing in it, which is a good reminder to me how much this forum is needed. Class meetings also help me get a glimpse at what is going on socially and emotionally in Alim.

Eventually, each student who wants to, will be able to take a turn leading a class meeting. This gives each student an opportunity to practice leadership skills as well. I explained to the students that you should only write something in the agenda book if: the issue can wait, if you don’t mind it being publicly discussed, and you need a little help solving a problem. Issues that are more serious or sensitive in nature need to be brought to the attention of a teacher right away. The beauty of class meetings is that often the student will write down an issue, but by the the time the meeting happens, the issue has been resolved or forgotten. Additionally, the mere act of writing one’s thoughts definitely has a therapeutic effect. I know this is true for many adults.

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HaMorah Debbie