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Painting with Words

March 18, 2019

5th grade writers have been practicing their creative writing since the beginning of the school year.  This includes learning how to incorporate figurative language, how to vary sentence structure and paying particular attention to word choice.  The following essays were created when students looked at various landscape photographs and then described the picture in words.  It is important to note that all aspects of these essays were student created and edited.  We certainly have a talented group of writers!

Forest Stream

Water tumbles down the steep slope, crashing down to meet the stony riverbed. Mist rises like a ghost from the rushing waters, shimmering and dancing in the sunlight. It curls gently in the air, then dissipates in the cool breeze. Around the river, a lush forest spreads, sprouting around the waters. Trees are hands and branches are fingers leaning toward the river, stretching toward the sky. The shallow water slipping over the smooth, slightly slimy stones races away into the woods. As birdsong fills the air, a gust of wind blows through the trees, rustling the branches overhead. It ruffles the surface of the water for a moment, before dying away. The forest is a body, and the river is blood flowing from its heart. A fallen log rests on the riverbed, once full of life. Birds and squirrels might have made their homes in its limbs. Woodpeckers might have drilled into it, searching for a meal. Now it is cut down, long dead, empty. Sunlight filters down through the treetops, making the forest floor a patchwork quilt of shadows and light. Though the summer air is warm, the stream is cold and quick moving, making its endless journey to the ocean.

-Spring –

It’s finally Spring. All my favorite flowers are blooming. The sun rises above the mountains. I bend down to smell my favorite flower, as the sweet smell of the scarlet buds fill my nose.  I lay down in the luscious grass and take my book and start reading. I hear the birds singing in the background like a choir all in tune with each other. I put my book down and just listen to the silence.  The silence is broken by the neigh of horse. It’s like music to my ears. I look at the blue sky. The sun is shining bright now and there are puffy, pearly white clouds. The clouds move across the sky like a horse running free.  I get up and start running. I close my eyes and put my arms out. As the wind rushes past my ears and flows in my hair, I feel a cool, calm breeze down my neck.  I stop in a patch of flowers and I notice spring is everywhere.

A Hike

My eyes are wide as I enter the clearing. The scene unfurls in front of me. There is a beautiful array of wildlife and nature. The vanishing point looks like it’s miles away. Everything in the scene seems to beam at me like a million smiling faces. It feels like home away from home because of how surprisingly comfortable I feel here.

The beautiful beaming beach streaks across my vision like a lightning bolt. It keeps going all the way to a horizon line and then fades off into the distance. Looking at the beach, I think of a painting. Everything is a mosaic that is almost perfectly placed.

Trees are all around me. Surrounding me, the trees wave hi as they sway in the breeze. The trees are loving the ride and they throw their arms up like at a theme park. There is a humongous pine tree above me that is barely moving and it looks like it’s the king of the hill. The small fir tree down in front of me is catching the first sunlight, while the big pine is angry and jealous.

It looks like there could be a boat somewhere in these waters because of the wildly whipping waves. The waves are so unrealistic, and that’s the best part. They smoothly glide through the water but at the same time they’re roaring with laughter. And after the waves go so fast through the water, they come to such a streamlined and abrupt stop at the shore.

Consciousness finally comes back to me and I move on, dumbfounded.

What’s my picture?

Warm sand touches my cold feet. I take a step forward and close my eyes. Water prickles up my legs, washing sand and my anxiety away. I open my eyes and the beach fills my vision. The water catches the light, reflecting the color of the sky. I feel safe protected by the cluster of clouds, mountains, and buildings surrounding me. I can’t see the sun but I feel like there’s something sparkling above me. I look down and see the outline of my foot imprinted on the sand as it gets washed away by the waves. Splash, the sound of the waves fill my ears and I jump at my sudden return to earth.

A Snow-covered Forest

From where I stand in frozen paradise I see every part of nature. I can see the arms of trees reaching outward. I can see the water dashing through its stream. I can see the cliffs reaching their heads up to the sky. And even though ice has layd itself on every surface like a blanket and the air is cold and thin, what I see before me is so alive. The simple mix of colors makes the scene feel like it was meant to be.

The smaller trees look like smoke bombs waiting to be lit and explode with color. And yes, the weather is holding them back but I think this is more beautiful than anything in the world. What draws my attention most, is the sky. I love the light, soft texture of the clouds as they float around,and I love the small patches of blue. As I watch them I realize many hours have passed and yet I still lay here in my frozen forest fortress.