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Let’s Play Games!

February 12, 2017

Using games as an educational tool provides opportunities for deeper learning and engagement.  Listed here are some of the games we have been playing in our study of color vocabulary in Hebrew:

The  purpose: Kids will learn to identify and name colors.

Game 1:  I name a color in Hebrew and count to 5 slowly (in Hebrew of course).  The kids find an object in the room of the named color by the count of 5.  I say “beep” and all name the color aloud.

Varitation: The class has 10 seconds to touch as many objects of the named color as possible. (Using walking feet of course)!

Game 2:  Everyone gets a pack of construction paper squares in all the colors that we are learning.  I have a pack of my own.  We all shuffle the cards and lay the pack down. I name the color on top of my pack.  Any child that has the same color on top removes their square.  I go through my pack over and over naming the colors, until the first person has removed all cards.

Variation 1: one child plays the role of the teacher.

Varitation 2: Play the game in small groups.  One child is the teacher, and 2 or 3 children are the players.

Feel free to try these games at home.  They’re a great way to reinforce your child’s Hebrew learning.

May you find joy in learning and practicing with your child.

Ha-Morah Mihal