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Hour of Code, Years of Friendship

December 9, 2014 | Posted in Uncategorized


We  blended with fourth grade for the “Hour of Code” (a National Introduction to Computers project) today.  Below is part of  haMorah Beth’s blog entry to explain the activity.

Our first challenge was to help GAN learn about coding.  The 4th graders worked together to set up obstacle courses in the gym… they got creative with cones, hula hoops, bowling pins, tunnels, chairs!  However, instead of verbal directions (go under the chair, weave through the cones etc.), they had to write code (two arrows up meant jump, one arrow down meant under etc.). The trick was to be clear and precise so that our GAN friends could complete the course correctly and understand exactly how to do it.

The results were great!  Two obstacle courses, two sets of codes, and 21 happy, moving, decoding students!  It was fun to watch GAN decipher the code (and some 4th graders too!). I was also quite proud of the leadership of the 4th graders. Their kindness and care of GAN is commendable and speaks to their leadership and compassion.

Please click on the link to see this in action.


We are reading, sharing, and celebrating through projects and events,  the joy and blessings of friendships.   We are reading Mo Willem’s books featuring Gerald and Piggly, Arnold Lobel’ s books about Frog and Toad,  and the Toot and Puddle books by Holly Hobbie, practicing working well with partners during games and projects, and role playing how to play during recess.  Special Friends Day brought in many adult friends to share in the joy of learning and sharing the values each of us learn from our parents. L’dor vador…. from one generation to the next!