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Hanukah is here! Emotions, Sweet Smells, and Song fills the air!

December 4, 2013 | Posted in Uncategorized

013 - Copy011 - Copy (2)017 - CopyAn important part of counting accurately is being able to keep track of what has been counted and what still remains to be counted. As students begin to count sets of object, they often count some objects more than once and skip other objects altogether.  Taking inventory with a partner is a strategy for organizing and keeping track of a count.  We have been practicing counting with tallies and counting by 5’s.  We inventoried office and classroom supplies.

The social curriculum continues to unfold moment by moment. We read Steps and Stones by Gail Silver, based on Thich Nat Hanh’s work with children on anger and emotions.  Integrating the use of the Ladder of Success with a mindfulness curriculum, the students made two puppets  – one representing anger (the red section of the ladder) and one green representing calm and clarity (the green section of the ladder).

In the afternoon we turned our attention to latkes. Latkes filled the air in both aroma and song. Ima asta livivot hamot, livivot hamot u’metukot. (Mother makes latkes, hot and sweet.) Dreidles filled the room, with game playing, decorating, and singing. It has been a joyful holiday. Enjoy tonight then get some sleep!

We are looking forward to Special Friend’s Day. Please let us know if your child does not have a guest so that we can make other arrangements for them. Also, if your guest has any special needs such as a wheelchair ramp, please let us know asap. Thank you!