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Edible cells… biology is delicious!

January 16, 2015 | Posted in Uncategorized

Fourth graders have been learning about cells, animal cells and plant cells.  They have learned about the shapes of the cells, the parts of the cells, and the importance of the cells.  Students are able to tell about cell walls, cell membranes, endoplasmic reticulum (Morah Beth’s favorite), vacoules, chloroplasts (plants couldn’t be green otherwise!), golgie bodies, and the all important nucleus!

We have been comparing the two types of cells with Venn diagrams (what do they have in common, what is unique to just one type etc.).

Today, to make the cells come alive, we created edible cells (with Kosher ingredients of course!).  We used graham crackers as the cell base, icing for the cytoplasm, and then the rest was up to the students.  Some used vanilla wafers for a nucleus, green skittles for chloroplasts…. some even used gummi bears to represent golgie bodies!  What emerged at the end of science class was some creative, detailed, and delicious cells!

Take a look at the process and the creations… don’t they look good enough to eat?