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Congratulations to our Departing 5th Graders

June 8, 2018

Mazal Tov on your graduation from Seattle Jewish Community School — Class of 2018. תשע”ח

For me, nothing is more rewarding than seeing how you’ve grown and are beginning to spread your wings. Here at SJCS, you have learned how to read and write in two languages, how to solve problems in math — and in life. You have learned how to collaborate with your peers, how to think, to ask questions, how to fail and learn from it, and how to move on. We have nurtured your curiosity and encouraged you to be authentic, imaginative, and creative. You have learned to treat everyone with Derech Eretz – kindness and respect. Along the way, you have made friends for life.

At SJCS, we study Torah, Jewish values, traditions and history. We celebrate together and you have embraced many wonderful customs and practices. Thousands of years of wisdom are contained in these rituals and studies that will guide you throughout your life. Remember, you are forever linked to this long and rich history. I hope you continue the traditions, cherishing the value of education as a sacred task. You have a solid foundation and skills and knowledge of the principles of Judaism. I hope you will continue to expand your knowledge and pass your learnings onto future generations. Your next millstone on your Jewish path is becoming bar/bat mitzvah. Please remember that your training for this big event of join to the Jewish community as an equal adult was here at SJCS. Please don’t forget to include and thanks to your SJCS teachers from the Bimah as you’re celebrating your big day.

Remember that you will learn more by listening than by speaking. Be observant, but don’t just be an observer. Be confident and proud of what you can offer to the world. Enrich your mind, exercise your body and feed your spirit with music, art, Torah, meaningful work, friends and helping your community. Finally, have fun and remember that there is humor in almost all aspects of life. Wherever you future leads you, I will be cheering for you. I am looking forward to updates from your lives and seeing where your education leads.  And before you go, I want to make sure I say thank you for all that you have taught me. Your joy, passion for learning and commitment to growth is my inspiration.

Even as you make your way into the world, SJCS will always be your home.


Shoshi Krongold Bilavsky, Head of School