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September 11, 2014 | Posted in Kindergarten, SJCS

Expression through water color is a way to share thoughts and feelings.  Picasso once said, “I used to draw like Raphael, but it has taken me a lifetime to paint like a child.”  We ask the students, “Tell me about your picture”  rather than, “What is that?”  The responses are beautiful.  “It is a rainbow arc where I can go.”  or, “This is cloud land”, or ,  “Circle time with fairies.”   The conversations at the tables are priceless.

In math we are practicing one-to-one correspondence.  Recognizing the number 10 and being able to count 10 items are two separate skills. Linking objects with numbers enables students to count with understanding.  We practice this skill daily.

We celebrate birthdays in Gan, and enjoyed our first celebration last week.  Families are welcome to join on the day of the celebration. Bring pictures, and a story to share with the class.

In the afternoon we are building on our experiences with our names in both English and Hebrew. Yoga alef-bet letters, painting initial consonants, “paint pop” letters, and circle games to hear all-Hebrew language extensions of Brown Bear, Brown Bear (who do you see?) are helping us connect and respond to the Hebrew names in our room.

We are bridging our beginnings of getting to know each other with Rosh Hashanah. Reading The Apple Tree’s Discovery gives us a chance to talk about the special gifts inside each of us. We began making our own book- The Jewish Book of Round as we explore Jewish objects that are round (including apples!)… soon to be round hallah! Next week we will continue all of our ‘beginnings!’