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Becoming Who You Are Meant To Be

January 19, 2017

When we first thought about elementary schools for our preschooler, Hannah, back in 2000, we *knew* we wanted to send her to a public school. Then I met a woman who encouraged us to come visit SJCS, where her daughter was thriving. We went to an SJCS open house.  We were taken by the stories, the context, the approach, the teachers, the parents – the life of the school. Now, in 2017, my husband Harold and I are proud parents of three SJCS graduates – Hannah, 2008; Abraham, 2012; and Nora, 2016.  They are vastly different from each other.  All became who they are, and who they continue to become, because of their start at SJCS.
Hannah has a passion for social justice, is a voracious reader, and combines artistic endeavors with organic farming.  Her sense of ethics, love of the written word, and respect for the environment were encouraged at SJCS. Abraham, in tenth grade, is insatiable in his thirst for knowledge. His love of learning and willingness to go deep were nurtured at SJCS.  Nora is happily thriving in an advanced program at a large middle school, is at the top of her classes, as well as the orchestra, and plays intramural basketball. She has new friends, while maintaining close ties with her SJCS friends.
At that open house so long ago, we looked at SJCS and had questions you might have – how does it work with a dual curriculum?  Is there enough time in the day?  Is it Jewish enough?  Is it too Jewish?  And so on.  Ultimately, we worked through those questions – and we have been so grateful.

One of the most important goals we had was for our children to learn how to learn. At SJCS they became empowered to dig deep and to have high academic standards for themselves. and to honor the world around them. Their experience at SJCS laid the foundation for who they would become, as citizens of the world, as members of the Jewish community, and as budding adults.

Yonah Karp and Harold Bobroff, parents of three SJCS graduates