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November 11, 2014 | Posted in Kindergarten, SJCS








photo - Copy (3)It was a cold morning, as we took our survey of the deciduous trees. How many trees with leaves?  How many without leaves?

What are the students starting to learn about tallies?  Everyday, we have a survey question, and the students have been learning how tally and keep track of data.

Tally mark—A line made on a chart to represent an object in a set.
Tally chart—The chart on which tally marks are recorded.
Set of five tallies—The fifth tally goes across the first four tally marks to show a set of five marks.
Set of ten tallies—Two sets of five tallies get circled to show a set of ten tally marks.
Data—Information we are using, either from around us or generated by us.


And though it was a cold afternoon, we voted to act out the story of “The Noisy House” outside! Using our masks, props, and dress-ups from our playhouse we truly experienced a Noisy House! Students have learned so many ways to tell this famous folktale. On our wall you can see the variety of stories we have read, along with our Comparative Literature Chart comparing how each tale was told. Ask your child to use the puppets that came home today to tell their own version. And look for an anthology coming soon of our own stories.