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Alim Update

October 15, 2014 | Posted in Uncategorized

Here are some updates from General Studies:

Math – We started Chapter 2 in the Everyday Math Curriculum. Click here to view the parent letter. So far, we have been reviewing math fact strategies (doubles, turn around facts, 9’s tricks, etc.). If a child does not know a math fact “in a snap,” my goal is for each student to use a strategy rather than guess at answers.

Spelling – This week we started our first spell sort, which reviewed short vowel sounds and the Magic E patterns. We also practiced a dictation game where I read a sentence out loud, and then students write the sentence, paying attention to punctuation and correct spelling. Points can be earned for correctly spelled words as well as correct punctuation.

Science – We are continuing our unit on Balancing and Weighing. This week each student first had to predict how much various objects would weigh, and then test their hypotheses by weighing the objects with an Equal Arm Balance. After the data was collected, Alim students also learned three different ways to display data (bar graph, table, and chart), and then compared and contrasted the different types of data displays. 

Writing Workshop – Students are busy writing many stories about small moments. Right now, we are focusing on not writing “plain,” or in other words, writing so that your reader can really envision the setting and characters of your story. My words to the students are, “Write like you’re right there!”

Social Studies (Storypath) – Each student has been assigned a family group that they will be a part of for the duration of the unit entitled The Wampanoags and the First Thanksgiving. Each student also created a character. Each character has to have a role in the family (mother, aunt, father, cousin, etc.), an age, a special skill, a special name, and certain personality traits.  Ask your child about the character he/she created.

Stay tuned,

HaMorah Debbie