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Body System Exploration

May 7, 2018

It’s time to take a journey through the human body with SJCS’ fourth grade scientists! Our students recently tackled Body Systems, becoming experts in both the functions of human body and in researching skills. This two month long project took the students through the researching process, using both books and the internet. They then took that research and designed a PowerPoint presentation, incorporating not only the information, but technology skills, as well. Finally, the students built replicas of the body part they had researched – getting extremely creative! All of this culminated in presentations, where the students presented their projects and research to their family, teachers, and SJCS peers. From the knee bone to the ankle bone, and from the brain stem to the spinal cord, there was a lot of opportunity for students to explore of the unseen wonders of our bodies systems, learn new facts, and share their excitement about what they discovered.