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2018 Honorees

2018 Honorees

Honoring Danielle and Paul Nacamuli

Through their many years as passionate supporters of SJCS, Danielle and Paul have enriched our community with their generous commitments of time, leadership, and hands-on work.

Over the last 16 years, while her three daughters have attended SJCS, Danielle has been an active volunteer serving as everything from a Board of Trustees member and Auction Chair, to a Room Parent. Danielle was a key participant on our leadership team and an active member of the Capital Campaign Committee which helped SJCS reach its goal of raising $5 million to purchase our current building, making it the home of SJCS.

Danielle has a deep love of SJCS and appreciates the partnership between SJCS and her home in which Michaela, Talya and Ayelet have flourished, immersed in Jewish values.

Paul first became involved with SJCS in 2010 as a community member recruited to our Board of Trustees. He has served as Treasurer and is currently the Secretary of our board, as well as serving on the Finance Committee. He has worked tirelessly behind the scenes in a leadership capacity to make sure that the financial picture at SJCS remained strong.

Together, Danielle and Paul have been committed to spreading the message of SJCS at their Shabbat table, in their synagogue life, and in the greater community. They believe strongly that more than anything else, SJCS teaches the value of Derech Eretz (citizenship or the way of loving kindness) that guides our children about how to “be” in the world.

Please join us as we celebrate Danielle and Paul Nacamuli and their extraordinary commitment to Seattle Jewish Community School.