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Parent Association

As a parent, grandparent, or guardian of an SJCS student – you are a member of the SJCS Parent Association!

What is the Parent Association?

The SJCS Parent Association (PA) aims to build a warm and supportive community for SJCS children and their families. Collectively, we serve as goodwill ambassadors for the school.

The PA plans events, coordinates volunteers, and serves our amazing SJCS community in many ways. A core group of volunteers meets monthly throughout the school year. We welcome all parents — new and returning — to attend our meetings, learn more about what we do and how you can become involved. Come meet some wonderful people and find out how you can contribute your unique talents to the school. Contact our Parent Association Co-Chairs, Nora Burton and Kristen Cohon  to get involved!

The SJCS Parent Association works with the Board, Faculty and Administration in support of the school’s philosophy, programs, and activities to promote the continued success and wellness of the school. The PA holds monthly evening meetings during the school year and all parents are both welcome and encouraged to attend. Our meetings provide valuable information about school life and enhance our families’ connection to our school community. We welcome your ideas and inspirations!

Important functions of the PA include to:

  • create a forum for the expression and exchange of ideas between parents and the school;
  • coordinate opportunities for SJCS parents and families to build community outside of school hours;
  • provide educational programs for parents;
  • encourage and coordinate parent/family volunteerism;
  • organize and promote projects and events beneficial to the SJCS community at large; and
  • support the integration of new families into the school community.

Parent Association Mission Statement

The SJCS Parent Association is committed to supporting the school, the teachers, staff and the students they serve, fostering a culture of community and increasing volunteerism. We believe that greater parent involvement enriches the educational experience of everyone.

We accomplish this in four distinct ways:

1) Enrichment Events

We coordinate parent/family socials and events throughout the school year. These events allow students and their families to learn and play together while fostering a deeper connection to the SJCS community.

2)  Foster and Coordinate Parent Volunteers

Together with staff and faculty, the PA recruits, organizes, supports, and celebrates school volunteers at the school.

All families are expected to contribute 25 hours of volunteerism during the year. The PA makes sure that families are aware wide range of volunteer opportunities at the school. See page XXXX of the Parent Handbook for details about annual opportunities to volunteer.

3) Community Outreach

We believe it is important for children and families in our SJCS community to recognize the needs of those in our greater community, which extends beyond the gates of our school grounds.  Therefore, in addition to The PA supporting annual community outreach programs (e.g., music program at Kline Galland Nursing Home, Operation Sack Lunch, etc.), the Parent Association also organizes a student-led drive to support specific needs of local non-profit organizations. Drives have included: Kosher for Passover food collection, support for youth in foster care, disaster relief, conservation and animal wellness.

4) Teacher Support

The Parent Association works closely with the volunteer Room Parents, who support classroom needs and facilitate communication between teachers and parents. We also coordinate an annual Teacher Appreciation Week to show our gratitude for the wonderful staff at SJCS.


All parents, grandparents and guardians of SJCS are members of SJCS’ Parent Association. There are no membership dues or forms. The PA is led by a committee that consists of two co-chairs and additional parent volunteer members.

 Communication from the Parent Association

  • PA Co-Chairs to families

The Parent Association communicates with families primarily via e-mail (, the weekly newsletter (Weekly News Flash/Miv’zak), and the private Seattle Jewish Community School Families Facebook page to inform parents of upcoming events, meetings, and school needs.

  • PA Co-Chairs to volunteer PA Leads

The volunteer PA Leads will also use email ( to work with the PA co-chairs.

  • Families to Families

Families are encouraged to use What’sApp, Seattle Jewish Community School Families group page on Facebook, and e-mail to coordinate meet-ups and small group/class activities.

What is the Room Parents Program?

In addition, the PA helps coordinate the Room Parents program. Room parents support teachers and help communicate information on a grade-wide level. The role typically takes fewer than one hour per week — most roles involve e-mailing information to your class. Some weeks (for example, those with field trips planned or activities to organize) may require a few more hours.

We hope to see you soon! Mark your calendars with these dates and help support our wonderful school.


Meetings take place at 7:00pm on the following Wednesdays:

  • November 14, 2018
  • December 12, 2018
  • January 9, 2019
  • February 13, 2019
  • March 13, 2019
  • April 10, 2019
  • May 1, 2019
  • June 12, 2019


Parent Night Out (Brother Barrel): October 16, 2018

Plan now and get a sitter to be a part of this fun quarterly event so you can enjoy the camaraderie of other parents without interruption from children. We will meet starting at 7:30 pm at Brother Barrel (12535 Lake City Way NE). This is a charming neighborhood pub in Lake City.

Community Shabbat Dinner (Homes of SJCS Families): October 26, 2018

The (PA) will be coordinating potluck Shabbat Dinners on Friday nights, the first one scheduled for October 26. 2-3 SJCS families will get together for dinner in someone’s home, share a meal and conversation, and get to know each other more. Sign-up online to participate as a host or guest. Have questions? Contact Tamar Kolodny, mom of SJCS 2nd grader, Yoav Schwartz.

Third PA Meeting (Guest Speaker Leah Gotz, SJCS Admissions Manager): November 14, 2018, 6:45 pm 

Do you like to chat with other parents, meet new people, and help out at events? SJCS needs you to share your experience as SJCS parents and help us spread the word about all the great things happening at our school! Parent Ambassadors are essential to successful recruitment of new students for next year and beyond. Join us to find out more about all the exciting ways we are reaching out to families and building partnerships with temples, pre-k programs, Jewish organizations, and more. Find out about how you can help grow our community and increase enrollment.

Do you have questions or want to get more involved? Contact PA co-chairs Nora Burton and Kristen Cohon at