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Class Basket and Procurement Q&A

Q: What if I have an idea for an item that is not on the list but is related to the basket theme?
A: That is great! Put it on the list and procure!


Q: Should I buy these items or ask a business to donate?
A: This is up to you! You can buy an item directly, or you can use our procurement letter and form and ask a business to donate. You never know who might donate until you ask! Businesses are especially willing to donate gift cards.


Q: When should I start procuring?
A: Start now! Larger companies might need more lead time to process their donation, so approach them sooner rather than later. The earlier you ask, the more successful you will be!

Q: How do you make sure we don’t procure duplicate items?

A: You will receive a link to MySignupGenius by email, where you can put your name next to your procured item to prevent item duplication.


Q: When do I need to get my items to school?
A: The deadline for procurement forms is January 8, 2016. Please deliver the actual items by January 29, 2016.


Q: Where do I bring my items once they are procured?
A: Please bring your items to the Development office.


Q: What is the goal of the auction fundraising?
A: Our Auction & Celebration is an integral part of the SJCS Annual Fund Campaign. As you probably know, tuition covers only part of the true costs of providing quality education at our school. Contributions from the Annual Campaign are crucial to covering the gaps and ensuring support for our school’s operating budget. Last year’s fundraising efforts helped us to create our new edible garden and environmental studies curriculum, trips to Operation Sack Lunch, the University Food Bank, fund our dedicated science lab, music and dance studios, and professional development of teachers and staff.


Q: I’m still not sure what to procure!
A: Contact Jennifer Shavit and Katya Turnbow and we will help you brainstorm!