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Dear Families,

Welcome to Seattle Jewish Community School! Choosing a school is an exciting — and perhaps daunting — time in your life. We are happy to help you navigate your way through the many questions and conversations that arise as you plan your child’s next steps.

We are often asked about the types of families who attend our school. How do our families observe and express their Judaism? Are they affiliated with a movement or synagogue? What about interfaith families? Or families who are “just Jewish”? There is no single profile of an SJCS family. (In fact, half of our families will tell you that they never planned to send their children to a Jewish day school.) We draw from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, observances, traditions and heritages. Put together, we form a community where academic excellence is treasured, the bonds between family and friends are strengthened daily, and the path to Jewish learning and living is explored through a wide variety of opportunities that touch not only our students, but our families as well.

Likewise, parents ask about our academic strengths. Our approach to integrated curriculum means that students learn in a fast-paced, language-rich environment that includes foreign language study for six years. The SJCS curriculum connects secular and Jewish learning to encourage students to think critically and draw meaningful connections between topics. Literacy, math, writing, science, art, and music are just a few of the topics emphasized through every learning exercise.

But, the most exciting conversations delve into the areas that are less tangible. Our 3rd graders’ monthly trips to the food bank. Or how we decide where to send our Tz’dakah each month. Or how a 5th grader recently helped a 1st grader through a rough moment. At SJCS, dereh eretz (“the way of kindness”) is as real to us as math textbooks and the latest technology. Everything we do and teach ties back to our relationship with our families, our community and our environment. We strive to graduate students who are equipped with a communal, environmental and social awareness, who care deeply about impacting the world positively, and who carry Jewish values into a global setting.

As you begin to think about your child’s educational journey, we’d love the opportunity to expand upon how SJCS can bring a richness to your family’s elementary school years. We look forward to speaking with you and welcome your questions. Feel free to contact me at or 206.522.5212.

Leah Gotz, Admissions Manager