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5th Grade Student Development

Social and Emotional Growth and Development

  • Students will be seen, loved, honored, and respected as individuals
  • Students will build positive relationships between peers as well as with teachers
  • Student will develop a sense of self and understand their role as a part of a greater community
  • Students will be challenged to explore and learn through shared experiences and social interaction
  • Students will treat themselves, others, and the world with Dereh Eretz (Decency and Social Intelligence)

Setting Students up for Success (Responsive Classroom)

  • Students will begin the day with Morning Meeting and end with Closing Circle
  • Students will develop classroom rules based on their hopes and dreams for the year
  • Students will participate successfully in classroom procedures including the use of supplies and fidgets

Life Skills

  • Students will listen to and communicate with peers and teachers
  • Students will work independently on various assigned work
  • Students will stay on task and follow directions
  • Students will advocate for themselves when appropriate
  • Students will organize their work
  • Students will take work home and return it to school on the due to date
  • Students will take initiative in their learning


Classroom Policies and Procedures


  • Great parent-teacher communication helps your student have a successful year. Please be in touch with us if your student will be absent, is struggling academically or socially, or if you have any concerns.
  • A weekly e-mail covering classroom topics and upcoming events will be sent by Monday morning. Please read this as well as the Ki Tov to stay up to date.
  • We value prompt communication, and will return any parent communication within 24 hours on the weekdays. We are not able to read e-mails during class time, so if you are sending time-sensitive information, please also call the office.
  • Teachers and students will use SeeSaw as a digital portfolio of student work. We encourage you to check your student’s portfolio each week.


  • The purpose of homework is to practice skills, not to challenge students.  We challenge students in class but don’t want them to be frustrated at home.
  • Fifth grade students can expect to spend approximately 20 – 40 minutes nightly (including at least 20 minutes of silent reading) on their homework. Student will write their homework in their planners daily.
  • Homework assignments are never intended to be a cause for panic, so if your child is confused or feeling overwhelmed by an assignment, please have them to talk with us before proceeding.
  • Fifth grade students often use computers in the classroom for research purposes, publishing, and special projects.  Students will also need access to a computer with internet capability for homework.