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3rd Grade Student Development


Our belief about how students learn rests firmly on a foundation that intellectual, academic, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical aspects of children must be considered in learning environments. In 3rd grade, we are striving to develop resilient, motivated, respectful students with a passion for learning and values that will sustain them as they grow.  The curriculum is stimulating and multi-faceted, and our classroom experience encourages exploration, insight, and cooperation, as well as mastery of core skills.

Social Emotional Goals

  • Students will be able to accurately identify personal strengths
  • Students will be able to accurately identify their own behaviors and triggers
  • Students will be able to self-regulate their emotions
  • Students will be able to understand and respect the perspective of others
  • Students will be able to apply their self-regulation, and understanding of perspective to their social interactions in every learning space
  • Students will treat themselves, others, and the world with Dereh Eretz (Decency and Social Intelligence)

Setting Students up for Success (Responsive Classroom)

  • Students will begin the day with Morning Meeting and end with Closing Circle
  • Students will develop classroom rules based on their hopes and dreams for the year
  • Students will participate successfully in classroom procedures including the use of supplies and fidgets
  • Students will have the opportunity to share about a subject or event in their lives on a rotating schedule

Life Skills

  • Students will listen to and communicate with peers and teachers
  • Students will work independently on various assigned work
  • Students will stay on task and follow directions
  • Students will advocate for themselves when appropriate
  • Students will organize their work
  • Students will take work home and return it to school on the due date
  • Students will take initiative in their learning


  • Great parent-teacher communication helps your student have a successful year. Please be in touch with us if your student will be absent, is struggling academically or socially, or if you have any concerns.
  • A SeeSaw post covering classroom topics and upcoming events will be sent weekly. Please read this as well as the Ki Tov to stay up to date.
  • We value prompt communication, and will return any parent communication within 24 hours on the weekdays. We are not able to read e-mails during class time, so if you are sending time-sensitive information, please also call the office.
  • Teachers and students will use SeeSaw as a digital portfolio of student work. We encourage you to check your student’s portfolio each week.


  • The purpose of homework in 3rd grade is to establish independent work and study habits and reinforce the concepts learned in the classroom. If your child is unable to complete homework independently, please communicate that to us as soon as possible.
  • Homework is distributed on Tuesdays and expected back the following Tuesday


  • Timely completion – the project or assignment should be turned in on time.
  • Neatness – Work should be done neatly, with the name (and heading if necessary) included, along with best handwriting.
  • Spelling – All words should be spelled correctly, in Hebrew and English.
  • Completeness – The assignment should meet the requirements and expectations.
  • Effort – Did the student work to the best of his/her ability?  Did the student try his/her best?