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2nd Grade Student Development

Overall Goals for 2nd Grade:*

  • Students feel seen, loved, honored, and respected as individuals, developing positive self-identity
  • Students feel a sense of belonging to, and a part of, their community
  • Students explore and learn through shared experiences and social interaction
  • Students’ current knowledge is built upon to construct new knowledge
  • Students are presented with material at their appropriate level
  • Students are taught through many modalities and disciplines, so they can learn in different ways
  • Students are interested in and find personal meaning in the curriculum
  • Students have clear guidelines, expectations, and feedback
  • Students have challenging, achievable goals
  • Students have choices about their learning
  • Students have authentic, experiential opportunities to learn and apply skills and concept


Social & Emotional Growth and Development

Second grade students:

  • typically realize the importance of having friends and identifying socially
  • start to experiment more with handling their emotional and social lives independently
  • show that they can take initiative socially
  • have the capacity to understand others’ actions and feelings
  • need to feel included to display a sense of confidence
  • can suffer setbacks to self-esteem if feeling excluded

*Class Meetings

*Role Playing



The Responsive Classroom